Furniture Fetchers Moving Packages:

We offer different packages to suit your needs: Platinum, Gold, Economy, Specialty, Delivery, & Disposal packages. Our moving packages offer options like wrapping and padding every item and protecting every home surface to single item deliveries. The Platinum Package offers a superior service for customers looking to protect high value and vulnerable items while protecting the current and new home or office.

Take a look at our platinum package perks

The Platinum Package offers the most protection for your belongings. This package includes the wrapping and padding of all wood, glass, stone, and other vulnerable furniture and possessions with clean heavy duty blankets and plastic protective wrap. Prior to your move we will assess the property to prepare our crew and identify high value and vulnerable pieces. This package also includes protection for door jams, hard floors, carpets, stairs, and entryways.

Please give us a call to learn more about the Platinum Package or setup a free in-home consultation.

Padding and wrapping services

Clean heavy-duty blankets

Doorjamb protectors

Entryway protection

Floor protection

Carpet protection

Wooden stair protectors